Review article (Published On: 17-Sep-2022)

Experiences in developing and propagating polyploidy crop plants

Alehegn Workie Amanu

J. Agri. Res. Adv., 04 (03):11-19

Alehegn Workie Amanu: Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ethiopia

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Article History: Received on: 27-May-22, Accepted on: 31-Aug-22, Published on: 17-Sep-22

Corresponding Author: Alehegn Workie Amanu


Citation: Amanu AW (2022). Experiences in developing and propagating polyploidy crop plants. J. Agri. Res. Adv., 04 (03):11-19


The main objective of the study was to assess polyploidy use experience in crop improvement and to generate information for crop breeders for future endeavor. Due to the rapid development of sequencing technologies, there is increased evidence to support that polyploidization plays an important role in the diversification of plant species, evolution of genes, and the domestication of crops. The occurrence of many independent polyploidization events in plants was found to be tightly associated with the timing of extreme climate events or natural disasters on earth, leading to mass extinction while possibly facilitating increased polyploidization. Moreover, polyploidization was found to significantly impact species diversification, with subsequent effects on crop domestication and the development of traits with agronomic importance.


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